Booking Conditions

1. The Customer states that the vehicle has been received in good condition.

2. INSURANCE.- The Company offers the Customer Comprehensive Insurance without Excess against collisions and covering the occupants of the vehicle hired. The insurance policy does not cover the use of inappropriate fuel or the loss of keys. Any damage to goods or items carried in the vehicle is not covered. The insurance will get invalidated together with the contract and the Customer will forfeit the charge, the insurance Premium and the deposit where:

A. The vehicle is driven by any person other than the Customer.
B. The driver breaches any part of the Traffic Regulations (Código de Circulación).
C. Any damage is caused intentionally.
D. The vehicle is carrying more people than the number authorised.
E. The vehicle is driven on other than paved roads.
F. The driver is driving under the effects of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.
G. The Customer uses the vehicle for any activity which directly or indirectly implies its sub-letting.

Should the insurance policy be rendered invalid in any of the above circumstances (A to G) the Customer will be liable for any damage caused due to theft, accident, breakdown or loss of any parts as well as the immobilisation of the vehicle.

3. YOUNG DRIVER INSURANCE.- Drivers under the age of 21 will require additional insurance at a cost of 4 euros per day. The age of the driver will be verified at the moment of delivery of the vehicle by official document. The young driver insurance will apply in all cases when the driver is under 21 years.

4. GUARANTEE DEPOSIT.- The guarantee deposit is charged in cash or card. This deposit is used to cover the violation of conditions that are not covered by the insurance as loss of keys,
fines, errors in fuel or some other cause that is not covered by insurance. The amount of said deposit varies depending on each rented vehicle. The right of admission is reserved at the time of delivery
a car with a deposit or without a deposit. All rents and vehicles are required to leave a deposit. This deposit will be returned in full if there have been no incidents during the rental period.

5. REPAIRS.- The Hire Company will not pay for any repairs undertaken by persons without written authorisation nor will it be liable for any agreement between the Customer and persons not employed by the Hire Company.

6. MINIMUM PERIOD OF HIRE.- The hire period begins from any time of the day on which the Hiring begins. Removal of the vehicle from the Island of IBIZA is strictly prohibited.

7. RETURNING OF THE VEHICLE.- The Customer should return the vehicle to the site at the end of the period agreed. Where the vehicle is returned ahead of time the Customer may not claim the repayment of any charges or insurance premium. Where the Customer wishes to extend the hire period beyond that agreed in the contract, prior written authorisation should be obtained from the Hire Company to which the corresponding hire charge should be remitted as an alternative to accepting the charge to the credit card with which the initial Hiring was paid. Failure to comply with this condition authorises the Hire Company to seize the vehicle or to legally reclaim the vehicle. The offices of the Hire Company will remain closed between 1pm and 5pm and from 8pm until 9am on the following day.

8. FINES.- Fines are at the expense of the Customer + the handling expenses per fine of 25.00 Euros.

9. ADDITIONAL CHARGES.- The Customer authorises the Hire Company to charge their credit or debit card for all additional charges resulting from the return of the vehicle in accordance with the terms and conditions of the present hire contract.

10. JURISDICTION.- In case of any disputes deriving from this contract both parties accept the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Ibiza with the express waiver of any other.

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